A Collection of Recipes From
Arctic Grub

“I had no idea you could veganize smoked salmon and replicate the authentic recipe for Norwegian kjøttkaker (meatballs) using plant-based ingredients, but in this book, Sunny has managed to recreate classic recipes I grew up with in a way that has made my entire family happy! Nobody asked if it was made with meat or fish… unbelievable!

I highly encourage everyone to get a copy of this book—you might just be as amazed as I was! Next up I’m going to attempt the marzipan cake, it looks out of this world!”

—Kristin M.

“This book is seriously a steal!

Over 60 recipes, many of them I can’t find anywhere else and so grateful they are plant-based and still look and taste the same way I remember growing up.


—Sarah M.

“I’m making the eplekake again for Christmas, so good. Everyone - buy this book!!

—Adrienne B.


© 2023 Sunny Gandara | ArcticGrub.com

© 2023 Sunny Gandara | ArcticGrub.com